PI – Design a Postcard Competition

You can use the below templates, donated by Elizabeth K, or you can create your own. If you are using a photograph please make sure you have the permission of the artist to use the image.

Carrying the message to the public at large (via campaigns such as this) enables people who don’t already know that “We’re Here and We’re Free” ™️ to find our fellowship.

We’ve heard story after story of despairing parents seeing our materials and bringing their sons and daughters to meetings, frustrated friends finding out local fellowship info for loved ones and still suffering addicts finally finding some hope in one of our posters.

After WSC approval the winning design will be available for local area and district PI teams, in their efforts to help the still suffering addict.


Send your entries to caeuropepi@gmail.com marked as ‘postcard competition’

Things to remember:

  • Include the C.A. logo. The logos can be found and downloaded here
  • C.A. has full stops, and Cocaine Anonymous is capitalised
  • Include the full tradition six statement. “In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organisation or institution.”
  • Include the local helpline number – for example: 0800 612 0225
  • You may also want to include the local helpline email address- for example: helpline@cauk.org.uk

Artwork provided by Elizabeth K

Portrait version

Download the potrait template here

Landscape version

Download the landscape template here